What is Considered a Thick Penis?

Man and WomanOkay, you may already heard this popular thousands of times in your life – “Does size matter?” The fact is, this question has been debated for centuries and there is no clear answer yet. There are always people who will say “yes” and some who will say “no”. Now, people from both gender are really interested to know the answer. The truth is, men are always obsessed with penis size and are constantly looking for ways to increase penile size, either naturally or through devices, etc. That’s the reason why the penis enlargement industry is forever booming and growing. Businesses can offer almost everything. These products and services can range pills, creams, patches, traction devices and even surgery. The popularity of penis enlargement is also partly due to the media and hyped stories of ‘well-endowed’ men.

Now, in the eyes of a woman, a man with larger penis is usually seen to be more manly and thus better in bed. Furthermore, having a large penis has slowly became a male vanity rather than the pleasure that your penis can provide. In contrast, a small penis is usually seen as diminished masculinity, virility and sometimes also being  associated to being impotent.

However, most researches have shown that the average penis size is not the 12 inches as portrayed by the many porn stars. These actors are usually above average in order to be able to land a role in the porn industry. Besides, these porn actors are just the minority and cannot represent the size of the average man. These porn actors are usually very well-endowed by luck. Many have also undergone some enlargement procedures and surgeries so their sizes are completely not natural. As a matter of fact, the average penis size is usually ranging between 5.4 to 6.3 inches in erect length and 4.6 to 5.1 inches in girth.

There are also countless women who agreed to the fact that the length of the penis has not much to do with their sexual pleasures. Instead the width of the penis comes into play here and is more favored in the long run. This has something to do with stimulating a woman’s G-spot which is supposed to be located about 2 inches inside the upper wall of the her sexual organ. A thicker penis plays an important role here as it can stimulate more nerves in a woman’s organ. This in turn, creates more sensation that most women are looking for during a sexual experience.

Nevertheless, different woman will have different takes on this. Some woman may simply crave for a larger penis while others may be looking for thickness, skills or so on. It is important not to think that having a big penis will be the answer to everything. It is often not only a big penis than a woman wants – she will also need intimacy, love and passion too. Remember to shower her with your love by giving her a sensual massage, flowers, or even some aromotheraphy candles with rose petals. You will definitely reap more rewards by showering her with all your romantic gestures. Of course, you tend to reap even more if you have a larger or thicker penis.

Remember to explore the various sexual positions that you can think of. You can even incorporate some special toys into your love sesisons. Try to identify what arouses her and come up with new techniques to stimulate her.

Although having a large penis may be crucial, it is also important to take note of other factors such as romance, skill, and passion. Afterall, you are the one who will be determining how fun the session would be.


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