Coping With Stress and Insecurity Caused By a Small Penis

Having a small penis is the worst fear and nightmare that all men wanted to avoid. Most men will treat this as a curse and will affect their sense of security. Of course, other physical problems such as receding hairline or not growing tall enough are pretty bad too. However, these problems will not make a man feel as stress or insecure when compared to having a small penis. Most men will tend to feel embarassed and will often shy away from physical intimacy with women. They are worried and scared of rejection by women due to their small sizes down there. Research has also shown that more than 90% of men around the world are engrossed with penis enlargement techniques, trying out every possible ways to gain some inches.

Male EnlargementSmall penis often create a deep emotional scar in the victim and will often prevent a man from forming any kind of relationship that involves a certain level of physical intimacy. Other examples such as getting changed in a locker room, going to a swimming pool or any such related activities. These activites are all potential exposure situations which men have to avoid – irregardless of  how much they may get engaged in them. These men are constantly wondering why other men are blessed with a larger penis.

Things tend to get worse when it’s time for the man to find himself a girlfriend. Why? Well, having a small penis is the worst possible asset that any man could have in a relationship. Many woman are also certainly not impressed by a small penis and may even look down on the man. Things can even become so ridiculous that the man will not shower frequently enough just because he does not want to show his small penis to a woman and get ridiculed. Although most women will not make any comments on the size of the penis, men are always very suspicious of it and think otherwise. Some may even feel like a fool because of the possibilities of the women trying to protect their feelings.

Such behavior of constant suspicion, distrust and embrassement tend to stay with the men throughout their lives and is very, very unhealthy. These factors tend to influence and affect a man’s decisions on other issues as well. As such, it can be observed that a small penis can indirectly lead to an enormous negative impact on both the social and private life of a man.

Fortunately, having a small penis is not the end of the world. So, the best way to deal with this situation is to try and get over it. You should not let this factor taint all your relationships with your friends and other people around you. Instead, you should ask yourself if a small penis is really that important in life. What is it that you will lose out if you have a small penis? Tell yourself that it is no big deal as there are many other things in life that you can excel in. It is also good to stop comparing yourself the others because such comparisons will do you no good at all. 

Instead of worrying about the penis size, why not look for the more decent girls? Try to find girls who do not move around from one man to another. Find a girl who is not all into sex and understands that a successful relationship will also depend on many other traits. Furthermore, if a girl does not have sex often, she will be sure to be tight enough so that your small penis doesn’t matter at all. Finally, try to learn how to trust people. Cut down on your suspicious character and you will understand that love and friendship are far more beautiful things than having a large penis. With this you can even save tons of money from buying useless penis enlargement products to increase penile size.


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