Discover How to Increase Penile Size Naturally!

Penis ExerciseIn this article, you will discover the techniques of how to increase penile size naturally. I know that this is a commonly discussed topic among men. Which guy will actually give up a chance to increase the sizes of their penises, right? You may be caught in the situation whereby you want to have a larger penis but you don’t know where to start. Going for a surgery sounds scary and using contraptions or pills may not deliver the results you want.

But fret not, what if I tell you that there are actually penile enhancement exercises that you can do at home to increase your size? These exercises falls into 2 main categories, namely the stretching and girth exercises. Girth exercises will help you to increase the total circumference or girth of the penis while stretching will increase its length. By using these 2 types of exercises together, you will achieve a larger penis in merely a few months time – the results may vary between different people.

Before we move into the details of these techniques, allow me to introduce an ancient method known as Jelqing or otherwise known as milking. Jelqing forms the basic foundation of penile enlargement exercises and is something you should know. What Jelqing does is that it will force more blood into the tissues of the penis gradually. Over time, these tissues will expand and can store more blood. This means that the penis will become larger when fully erected.

The Jelqing exercise also comes in various forms. I have highlighted one of them as follows:

1) Before you start any form of penis exercises, it is recommended that you perform a proper warm up on
the penis first. Learn more about these penis warm up exercises.

2) Once the penis has been warmed up, lubricate both your hands with any lubricant that you prefer. Olive oil works great here.

3) Start the milking action from the base of your penis. Form an ‘O’ shape with your thumb and index finger so that you can wrap it around the penis.

4) From the base, slowly move your fingers towards the penis head. You should be able to feel the pressure as you move your fingers along the shaft.

5) Once your fingers had reached the penis head, repeat the milking action starting from the base again.

6) Do this for a cycle of 30 to 40 times.

Jelqing will help you to increase the overall size of the penis if performed correctly. Having a larger penis is just part of the quest to improve your overall sexual experience and health. There are also exercises that you can perform to improve your overall sexual stamina and health. I call these the Kegel exercises.

The main aim of performing the Kegel is to strengthen your PC muscles. These muscles will help you to last longer in bed and will help to prevent a premature ejaculation. Just in case if you are wondering how to locate your PC muscles, an easy way is to find it the next time you visit the washroom. Try stopping the flow of your urine when you are about half done. The muscles which you have used to stop the flow will be the PC muscles. Try to remember how you control these muscles as you will be using them again for performing the Kegel exercises. Click the link how to increase penile size naturally to learn exactly how a Kegel is performed as well as to discover other forms of male enlargement exercises.

If you perform both the Jelqing and Kegel exercises diligently, you will see results in just a few months!


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